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Time Mutual Alliance

Time Mutual Alliance is a digital solutions and lifestyle products provider.
We focus our efforts on developing IT and lifestyle products that solve the most pressing problems people have today, in a professional and efficient manner.

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Innovation in Digital Technology

Web Hosting

Website hosting is an important and often neglected IT service as a poorly hosted site can crash frequently and be prone to security vulnerabilities. At Time Mutual Alliance our dedicated hosting team have three basic packages to choose from, each of which can be customised to suits your needs and budget.

• Light user o Recommended for small websites with 5 pages or less containing pictures and text o Comes with 10GB web space o Suitable for approx. 10,000 visits/month

• Medium user o Recommended for websites with more than 5 pages o Comes with 20GB web space o Suitable for approx. 25,000 visits/month

• Heavy user o Recommended for websites with videos and/or sound files o Comes with 30GB web space o Suitable for 100,000 visits/month

Additionally all of our packages come with the latest security protocols to keep your site fully protected and access to IT support, should you have any problems.

Web Design

A professionally designed website has become a basic requisite for all businesses operating today thanks to the unique way it can attract customers, answer their enquires and drive sales. At Time Mutual Alliance we can secure your company’s domain and create a website that will perfectly articulate who your company is.

• A website perfect for your needs - Depending on your needs we can build you a website using either WordPress (recommended for those looking to create a blog type of website with lots of articles) or Joomla (recommended for those looking to create a portal or forum with lots of discussions).

• A website that works as hard as you do - Many people don’t realise is that once your website is designed it is still not ready to go live. You also need a company that understands how to properly configure it so that it can be accessed from all devices, viewed on all browsers and easily found by search engines.